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Q: Why can't I go further than Level 30?
A: It's because your playing on easy. Switch to Normal or Hard to go on to higher levels.

Q: How do you unlock 8B in Normal Difficulty?
A: Play at least 252 songs on Normal Difficulty and a sign will come up "Professional Mode" is open.

Q: Is there another option of unlocking 8B?
A: Set your game difficulty to Hard.

Q: How do I enter the shop?
A: Press the L or R trigger buttons during the XC or Song Select screen.

Q: Is Your Own Miracle unlockable in Freestyle?
A: NO, it cannot be unlocked. Unless you use CWCheat to unlock manually. Your Own Miracle is only playable in Xtreme Challenge missions or bonus stage in *K Modes if you do well.

Q: Is there a Hard Style for Your Own Miracle?
A: Yes, only for 4B Mode.

Q: What is the maximum game level?
A: 99.

Q: How many XC Missions are there?
A: 70 XCs.

Q: Do Network Battles, Link Disc and Xtreme Challenge count as a play count?
A: NO. The only way to increase your playcount is by playing Stage Mode or Freestyle.

Q: What are challenges?
A: They are like optional missions. You must pay the amount of gold and max combo the song to complete the challenge. The reward yields even more gold (stacked on the basic gold) and a considerable amount of EXP. They also replace the max combo disc with a special "C" disk.

Q: How do I hit the big rainbow?
A: All you have to do is rotate the analog nub in either direction. Spinning it faster will yield a bigger combo. Try to let go earlier, or else you will get a BREAK.

Q: How do I get high accuracy for the long notes?
A: By pressing it on time and letting go on time (usually a little after it passes the explosions the notes create).

Q: What does FEVER do?
A: FEVER not only multiplies the rate at which your combo goes up, but also multiplies the score. When you first activate it, you will get a x2 multiplier, so every note you hit will add 2 to your combo as opposed to 1. If you activate FEVER again before it expires, your multiplier will go up to x3. The highest multiplier you can get is x5; after that, subsequent activations of FEVER will simply restart the x5 FEVER. Since you get more points per note as your combo goes up, FEVER is very crucial to gaining combos and passing missions with a SCORE requirement. Sometimes in missions, you will need to save your FEVER for the next song.

Q: How do I connect the FEVERs?
A: Simply press fever again before the previous fever expires.

Q: How do I obtain FEVER?
A: Getting 100% for 50 notes will fill up an empty fever bar. 90% won't work. Long notes can help a lot with this. The fever bonuses from characters, gears, and notes can only help in the beginning.

Q: How do I lose FEVER?
A: If you BREAK a few times, the fever time will be shortened. If you BREAK while x5 FEVER is active, it will be lost very quickly. But don't worry, because you can still connect the FEVER to restart the "timing". You will also loose FEVER if you don't connect it before the time is up. One way to check if the FEVER is almost gone is to look at the two sides of your gear. If the x2 letters are moving faster all of the sudden, it means that you are almost out of time.

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